Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tuesday, October 7: faculty and graduate student roundtable on public scholarship

“The American [Public] Scholar”: a faculty and graduate student roundtable 

Tuesday, October 7 
 3222 Angell Hall 
4.30 PM 

“There goes in the world a notion, that the scholar should be a recluse, a valetudinarian, — as unfit for any handiwork or public labor, as a penknife for an axe.” --Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The American Scholar” (1837) 

Please join the American Studies Consortium for a roundtable discussion on the contemporary meanings and manifestations of American public scholarship. A hundred and eighty years after Emerson’s call to (scholarly) action, what possibilities and pitfalls exist for American citizen-scholars? How are institutions of higher education creating opportunities to re-envision or re-invigorate the relationship of the humanities to public life? University of Michigan faculty and graduate students will discuss the ways in which they are conceptualizing and mobilizing public scholarship, transcending institutional forms, and encouraging civic engagement.

Julie Ellison, Professor of English and American Culture
Petra Kuppers, Professor of English, Theatre and Dance, and Women's Studies
Jacqueline Antonovich, PhD Candidate, History
Jina Kim, PhD Candidate, English & Women's Studies
Amanda Hendrix-Komoto, PhD Candidate, History

Please refer to the Workshop Files section of this site to download an essay by Julie Ellison for this event.

Light refreshments will be served.