Friday, April 18, 2014

Dissertation Chapter Workshop and Discussion with Alistair Chetwynd

Please join the United States Literatures & Cultures Consortium for our final dissertation chapter workshop and discussion of the year with

Alistair Chetwynd
PhD Candidate, English Language and Literature

Monday, April 21
3241 Angell Hall

Daniel's Travesty, Doctorow's Satire: A Reconsideration of the Politics of Postmodern Parody

E L Doctorow's The Book of Daniel is one of the foundational texts for our dominant account of the politics of postmodern fiction's form: Linda Hutcheon's claim that postmodern fiction privileges parody as a way of drawing power away from the hegemonic discourses that constitute official history.  In this paper I treat the novel instead as a pre-emptive critique of the idea that mere language-games or mere discursification have any value for the recuperation of historical possibility.  I then examine how this critique yet offers grounds for optimism about non-mimetic fiction's ability to help us do that recuperation.

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